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WHY JUBILATION? Let our students tell you!!!!

I love Zumba with Michelle Poulin because she always delivers 110%! Her choreography is creative and challenging...and she interacts with her class! It is an intense cardio workout and you are smiling while doing it. The hour flies by, and I always leave wanting more. I take several different classes with Honore..Sculpt, Zumba, Dance and Tone...and I love them all. Honore gives you an excellent work out, always makes you feel happy and has the most extensive music library. She keeps it fun... even the more challenging sculpt class. -Anna

I love cardio dance/tone with Lori because she is energetic, talented, funny and makes everyone feel welcome - Sarah

I love class with Lori because she is sweet, fun and funny! She keeps it fresh with fun dance moves AND kicks us into shape at the same time! -Angela

I love class with Michelle because her high energy is amazing and inspiring. I love class with Honore because her moves amaze me. -Janice

I love class with Michelle because she is crazy and makes me laugh and her class is fast and furious... with sweet dance moves. -Angela

I love Zumba with Honore because it's ALWAYS an hour of fun! -Micelle P.

I love sculpt with Honore because it hurts so good and I laugh every time she tells me she's sorry, no she's really not... LOL -Angela

I love class with Honore because she is inspring - she clearly was meant to do this. And I keep coming back because I want to learn her party tricks. :) -Jessica

I also love zumba with Michelle because her energy is awesome and she KICKS YOUR BUTT :) - Stephanie

I love Zumba with Michelle because her classes are fun and full of energy!! I love her music and her routines. She makes an hour go by way to fast. She is just awesome! -Glenda

I love cardio dance with Lori Wheaton because she dances from deep inside with lots of passion and emotion. Her playlists are great, and you can definitely "leave it on the dance floor" when you take her class. She is very talented, and I enjoy her choreo very much! -Anna

I'm truly spoiled to be able to take your class everyday. You are a true blessing. Shake thatttttt... -Michelle O.

I also love classes with every other instructor I have had at Jubilation. They are all awesome ... Love them all. -Glenda

I love Zumba with Honore because she has great energy and not only do I get a great cardio workout but I have a lot of fun at the same time! Thanks to Jubilation for the first time since having kids I will not be embarrassed to wear a bikini in public this summer :) - Michelle J.

I haven't taken classes with everyone yet but I Love taking zumba with Michelle Poulin she helps me feel so confident in myself in class and outside. I love taking zumba/cardio dance with Honore because they are fun and energetic. -Jennifer

I love taking Zumba classes with Michelle Poulin because she is fun, energetic, plays great music, has amazing choreography, teaches a tough class that makes me smile and sweat the whole way through and she loves to whoop, whoop! I have taken Zumba classes all over NYC and can say without a doubt that Michelle's classes are way more fun. - Tiffany

I LOVE ALL the Jubilation instructors like my second family! I want to give a special shout out to Jennifer Cook for making me look forward to Tuesdays with her 1/2 sculpt/1/2 zumba, her contagious smile and her unbelievable energy! -Alison

I love ALL of the zumba instructors at Jubilation becasue each one is talented with their own style and fun choreography. It is always a good workout! - Phyllis

I love personal training with Honore because she makes an hour of torture seem so fun!! - Caitlin

I love Michelle's class because she looks and dances like she is from one of the Stepped Up movies. She is fierce! - Jessica

I love Zumba with Michelle because of her contagious energy and enthusiasm! I find myself smiling the entire class and have SUCH a great time - I only wish her classes were longer! Zumba with Michelle has also been a key factor in my effort to loose weight. I never would have achieved such success without the help of Michelle and the instructors at Jublilation! - Eileen

I love Jubilation because without it, I wouldn't have lost weight (and continue to do so). It is truly a place where we can all feel welcome. I love Michelle because she kicks my butt in every class, and doesn't stop in between songs..her smile is effervescent. I love Honore' because she had the drive and determination to get this party started, she is always smiling, gives us confidence, and obviously enjoys what she does. - Bridget

I love dancing with Michelle Poulin because no matter what's going on, she ALWAYS gives us 100%!!!!! I know whenever I walk into her class I'm going to get a great workout and she always does it with a smile!- Nancy